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Meet Roy Gingrich

In 2020, at 74 years old, Roy Gingrich, a resident of Vidalia, GA, was a retiree from a successful career in corporate America. A few months in to retirement, Roy decided he was not ready to go sit on the front porch for his final years. Roy was looking for something that would provide him a steady income and also keep him active in the business world.

Enter Advantage Refreshments

After seeing an advertisement for Advantage Refreshments on, Roy gave Gary a call. They met at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Brunswick, GA in September 2020 to discuss our program. After meeting with Gary, Roy decided to start a vending business in rural southern Georgia using the Advantage Refreshments business model and our hands on training program. Our Advantage Refreshments team got straight to work for Roy and set up a meeting with the senior management team at Live Oak Manufactured Homes in Waycross, GA where they agreed to use Advantage Refreshments employee refreshment program at all three of their manufacturing plants with Roy as the local operator/owner. By December, Roy was bringing in over $30,000 a month in vending sales.

Where is Roy now?

Roy owned and operated this very lucrative vending business until he was truly ready to retire in March 2023, at 77 years old. Roy sold his vending business including a combination of 15 vending machines, product inventory, parts, accessories and hands on training for the buyer. Roy now spends his days fly fishing and his evenings relaxing on his front porch. Thanks to Advantage Refreshments, Roy was able to equip himself with an additional financial cushion as he lives out his golden years. 

"Working with Advantage Refreshments was a positive and lucrative experience. I would recommend working with Gary to anyone looking to break into the vending industry." - Roy Gingrich

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