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Meet Jack Brown

For the majority of his career, Jack Brown, was focused on creating one of the most successful cleaning business in Northwest Indiana. After many years in the cleaning industry, Jack had accomplished his goal. Jack created a cleaning company that was grossing over a million dollars per year. However, one fateful day in 2011, Jack was at home reading Cleaning and Maintenance Magazine and came across an article written by Gary. Gary explained in the article the many benefits cleaning businesses experience when they expand their offerings to include vending services and Jack was intrigued.

Enter Advantage Refreshments

After reading the article, Jack gave Gary a call and in a few weeks time Gary and Jack met in Des Moines, Iowa, at the headquarters of Federal Machine Corp., one of the largest vending machine manufacturers in the nation. After meeting with Gary, Jack decided he was ready to add vending services to his already thriving cleaning company using the Advantage Refreshments business model and our hands on training program. Our Advantage Refreshments team got straight to work for Jack and within a short time, Jack was grossing over 2 million dollars with his combo cleaning/vending business.

Where is Jack now?

Jack is now a leader not only in the cleaning industry but also the vending industry. He has expanded his business to include micro markets, OCS coffee/water services, and has his own brand of office coffee. Jack has also been featured in multiple cleaning and vending magazines over the years and his cleaning/vending business is now a multimillion dollar company. 

“Gary got me started in the vending business,” said Brown. “He is ethical and knowledgeable. Gary is driven. He never stops going, like that Energizer bunny. He helped me get the right supplier contacts, helped me to understand the business, gave me the encouragement and training that I needed, and the rest is history.” - Jack Brown

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