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Meet Cody Thayer

Cody is a young entrepreneur who is currently in a senior sales position in a Fortune 500 company in Nashville, TN. In addition to his sales position, Cody owns a residential rental property and recently decided he wanted to expand his entrepreneurial portfolio to include a vending and micro market company as well.

Enter Advantage Refreshments

After seeing an advertisement for Advantage Refreshments on, Cody gave Gary a call. Cody and his fiance, Averie, met with Gary at the Sheraton Music City Nashville Airport Hotel in October 2023 to discuss our program. After meeting with Gary, Cody quickly decided he was ready to start his own vending company using the Advantage Refreshments business model and our hands on training program. Our Advantage Refreshments team got straight to work for Cody and in just a few short months Cody is now the owner/operator of Vend Fuel. His company, Vend Fuel, has multiple vending locations and recently acquired a micro market location with 200 employees at a major food manufacturer in Nashville that is opened 24/7/365. 

Where is Cody now?

Cody is expanding his vending/micro market business while preparing for his wedding this year in Glacier National Park, to the love of his life, Averie. Having this additional stream of income is helping this young couple design and fund, not only the wedding of their dreams, but also their dream life together.

"Working with Advantage Refreshments has been a lifeline for me starting my first vending company. The knowledge and support I have received from Gary and his team have streamlined my entrepreneurial experience and my business is growing daily." - Cody Thayer

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